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Circuit 1 - Machupicchu Mountain : Route 1A

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Circuit 1
Machu Picchu Circuit 3

Places to visit on circuit 1 (Panoramic)

Upper Platform

Upper Platform

The upper platform of Machu Picchu offers one of the most impressive views of the entire citadel, providing a panoramic perspective that captures the majesty of the site. Located in an elevated position, this platform allows visitors to appreciate the ingenious Inca architecture and the stunning natural environment of the Andes. It is the perfect place to take spectacular photographs and contemplate the grandeur of Machu Picchu from above.

Top of Machu Picchu Mountain

Top of Machu Picchu Mountain

Machu Picchu Mountain is one of the most exciting experiences you can live in the Inca citadel. This imposing peak offers a challenging but rewarding hike, culminating in spectacular panoramic views of Machu Picchu and the Urubamba River valley. From the top, visitors can appreciate the magnitude and ingenuity of the ancient Inca civilization, surrounded by the majesty of the Andes.

Why visit Machu Picchu Mountain?

1. Spectacular Panoramic Views:

2. Adventure and Challenge:

3. Nature and Tranquility:

How to Get to Machu Picchu Mountain?

1. Start in Machu Picchu:

2. Safe and Marked Trail:

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