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Machu Picchu Lower Terrace Route

Circuit 2 - Lower Terrace : Route 2B

$ 55.00/person

Circuits that you can visit

Circuit 2
Machu Picchu Circuit 3

Places to visit on circuit 2 (Classic)

Viewpoint of the Temple of the Sun

Viewpoint of the Temple of the Sun

It is the only circular construction in Machu Picchu, it constitutes one of the best examples of organic architecture in the world and is one of the finest in the citadel of Machu Picchu.

Temple Square

Temple Square

The Temple Square is un emblematic site that reflects the spirituality of the Inca Empire. In the heart of the citadel, it houses important temples such as the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Three Windows. This sacred place was a center for rituals and astronomical observations.

Sacred Rock

Sacred Rock

It is a granite block in the process of being roughed, surrounded by an altar, and is associated with the cult of the sacred mountains (Apus). It is located in a connection area between the central area of ​​the llaqta and Huaynapicchu Mountain.

Eastern Qolqas

Eastern Qolqas

Visiting the Colcas or Qollqas will allow you to closely appreciate the ingenious architecture and logistical efficiency of the Incas. These granaries are not only a legacy of their construction skill, but also of their ability to plan and ensure the survival of their civilization.

Water mirror set

Water mirror set

This enclosure, located in a complex of the same name, was designed to carry out astronomical observations using water mirrors at ground level in its central part.

Pisonay Square

Pisonay Square

Here are the Main Temple, the temple of the Three Windows and an enclosure of simpler architecture that was used as a residence and warehouse for ceremonial objects related to the temples.

Why visit the Lower Terrace?

1. Tranquility and Connection:

2. Unmatched Views:

3. Close to Nature:

How to Get to the Lower Terrace

1. Access from the Main Entrance:

2. Safe and Scenic Trail:

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