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Machu Picchu Great Cavern Route

Circuit 3 - Great Cavern : Route 3C

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Circuits that you can visit

Circuit 3
Machu Picchu Circuit 3

Places to visit on circuit 3 (Royalty)

Sacred Rock

Sacred Rock

It is a granite block in the process of being roughed, surrounded by an altar, and is associated with the cult of the sacred mountains (Apus). It is located in a connection area between the central area of ​​the llaqta and Huaynapicchu Mountain.

Great Cavern

Great Cavern

Located in a less traveled area of ​​the citadel, the Great Cavern is accessible via a trail that reveals spectacular views and a deep connection with nature. This enigmatic site, also known as the Temple of the Moon, features a series of ceremonial structures carved into the rock, reflecting the skill and spiritual knowledge of the Incas.

Twelve Vanos

Twelve Vanos

The twelve spans of Machu Picchu are an architectural marvel that reflects the precision and ingenuity of the Inca builders. Located in the temple sector, these openings or niches perfectly carved in the stone served both religious and functional purposes.

Eastern Qolqas

Eastern Qolqas

Visiting the Colcas or Qollqas will allow you to closely appreciate the ingenious architecture and logistical efficiency of the Incas. These granaries are not only a legacy of their construction skill, but also of their ability to plan and ensure the survival of their civilization.

Temple of the Condor

Temple of the Condor

It is the central part of an extensive ceremonial area that houses a representation of the condor with outstretched wings. The complexity of this temple is manifested in the existence of underground passages related to the cult of water.

Why Visit the Grand Cavern Route?

1. Exploration of Unique Archaeological Sites:

2. Adventure and Nature:

3. Mysticism and Spirituality:

Great Cavern Route Itinerary

1. Start at Machu Picchu Citadel:

2. Hike towards the Great Cavern:

3. Exploring the Great Cavern:

4. Return to Machu Picchu Citadel:

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